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Should I Hire a CPA?

Should I Hire a CPA?

Yes, it’s true.

Sometimes software like TurboTax and companies like H&R Block can provide you a suitable solution for relatively simple taxes.

But sometimes your financial planning requires more than a few hours sitting in front of a computer or handing your 1040 form over to a tax preparer.  That’s when the service of a qualified CPA firm can make all the difference.

More than just number crunchers and pencil pushers, CPAs offer businesses and individuals highly valuable financial and tax planning services, investment advice, audit support, and that much needed consultation when in dire situations.  So with your financial security on the line, it only makes sense to use an agency like Gonzalez & Arrambide, Inc. to ensure your economic success.

Not too sure if your situation requires the highly competent and trusted professional skills of a CPA?  Well here’s some food for thought…

  • CPAs aren’t just tax preparers (but we do that too).  CPAs are actually highly educated and state licensed individuals who meet stringent qualifications to handle their roles.
  • CPA license holders must continue to undertake professional development courses.
  • Membership in professional associations means CPAs must work ethically and under strict codes.
  • All CPA firms in Texas abide to comprehensive reviews of their accounting and auditing practices every three years.
  • CPAs are expert analysts and can handle your complicated financial legal issues.
  • Partnering with a CPA means you gain the knowledge and confidence to help you make those critical financial decisions.
  • CPAs can help businesses develop effective accounting systems.
  • Businesses also seek out accomplished CPAs to help determine new profitable products lines, diversify investments, and provide consultation.

Or even if receiving some assistance with your taxes, the expertise of a CPA firm like Gonzalez & Arrambide, Inc. will ultimately save you money and help you avoid the headaches of having to deal with inexperienced tax preparers and inadequate software.  Remember…

  • Simple mistakes can lead to big problems.  CPAs can help you avoid this.
  • CPAs can you save you time (and annoyance) during tax season.
  • CPAs are trained to complete complex tax returns and know how to maximize your tax deductions.
  • CPAs understand how life experiences can have an impact on your tax liability and financial objectives.
  • CPAs can help you avoid those dreaded IRS tax audits by thoroughly examining your tax situation and ensuring all those complicated forms are properly filled out.

Perhaps even more importantly, CPAs can provide you the support and care you need during a tax audit.  For instance, Gonzalez & Arrambide, Inc. can help you with:

  • Federal and state compliance.
  • Preparation for amended returns.
  • Advisement.
  • Legal representation.
  • Guidance to avoid future tax issues.

If you’ve decided to hire a CPA, then make sure to follow a few simple guidelines to get the best return on your investment:

  • Get recommendations from lawyers, bankers, colleagues, and trusted contacts.
  • Make sure the CPA communicates to you in a manner that meshes well with your own style of communication.
  • Have some plans and objectives before you even meet.
  • Make sure the CPA is licensed and meets technical and professional standards.
  • Gather all your financial documentation.
  • Be willing to open up about your life to CPAs so they can understand all of your financial needs and goals.
  • Remember…you are in charge.

If this seems like the right choice for you, then make sure to give Gonzalez & Arrambide, Inc. a call at 956-447-9009.  Let’s get you started on the path to financial prosperity.