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Why Virtual CFOs Are Trending in the Rio Grande Valley

Why Virtual CFOs Are Trending in the Rio Grande Valley

Over the past few years, global challenges have arisen for companies across every industry, and it has led them to do everything they can to adapt to the new situation.  

This is where the services of a talented virtual chief financial officer (vCFO) and team of certified public accountants, such as those at Gonzalez & Arrambide, come into play.

Learn here how virtual chief financial officers in Weslaco can benefit your business and why demand for them is on the rise!

The Advantages of Adding a vCFO to Your Team

Businesses in today’s market seek to maximize profits and ensure that their operations run smoothly at the same time. In some cases, this means looking past the use of a traditional “in-house” CFO.

  • However, there are many reasons why a vCFO may just be the right option for your company. Some of the reasons this decision can benefit companies include:
  • A Skilled Accountant on Your Side – Virtual CFOs have studied accounting extensively and have more expertise in the industry than a standard analyst. This makes them indispensable when running financial analyses and making decisions for a given business. 
  • Flexibility – A vCFO will work within the conditions you set and when you want them. Whether it be on a full-time, part-time, seasonal, or fractional basis, a vCFO will work within your needs.
  • Expert Third-Party Liaison – When it comes to third-party partners, such as lenders, stakeholders, or other external business partners, a virtual CFO offers them a sense of relief and assurance when working with you.

For all of these reasons and more, a virtual chief financial officer is more than advantageous for your company.

Gonzalez & Arrambide – Virtual Chief Financial Officers in Weslaco

Whether you plan to grow your business in the near future, seek to make all your operations run smoothly, or both, you’re guaranteed that the professional Weslaco CPAs and vCFOs at Gonzalez & Arrambide can help. It’s no wonder that these experts are trending right now.

Now that you see why virtual chief financial officers in Weslaco and across the Rio Grande Valley are trending, reach out to the professionals at Gonzalez & Arrambide to discover exactly how we can benefit your business!


How Virtual Chief Financial Officers in Weslaco Address Inflation

How Virtual Chief Financial Officers in Weslaco Address Inflation

Over the years, businesses have had to contend with a number of external factors that have negatively affected their financial situation, such as natural disasters, supply chain disruptions, and, of course, the COVID pandemic.

However, a new danger has arrived that also needs to be taken into consideration — inflation.

Gonzalez & Arrambide, the Rio Grande Valley’s most knowledgeable and effective financial advising firm, has experienced CPAs and virtual chief financial officers in Weslaco with tips to help fight against inflation!

Understand Your Operation and the Indicators of Inflation

One of the most important pieces of advice we can offer is to know your operation inside and out. While this may seem obvious, CEOs and other executives have a variety of other tasks to attend to, so some things may fall through the cracks. 

Our vCFOs offer business owners the ability to constantly monitor and analyze their cash flow cycles, costs, and profits, then analyze them through the lens of inflation.

If you stay on top of your company’s financial arrangements, you’ll be able to better recognize and forecast the effects of inflation and prepare!

Diversify Payments and Debt

Another clever strategy is to make it so that your business can accept and make payments in various ways. Accepting credit cards, utilizing electronic banking, and dealing in different currencies are great ways that a vCFO can help your company go about this.

At this point in time, it may also be wise to hire a vCFO to diversify your lender portfolio. Leveraging debts with key lenders could be a smart move for the future.

Ensure Accountability at All Levels of Your Organization

In addition to financial strategies, vCFOs offer the passive ability to ensure that your company remains accountable to itself and in good condition.

Three key goals that help achieve this include:

  • Mission – Ensure everyone within the organization shares the same vision.
  • Adherence – Work as a team every day to make the company mission a reality.
  • Health – Help other executives become more functional and effective leaders.

Fight the Effects of Inflation With the Rio Grande Valley’s Best vCFO’s 

While the financial effects of inflation may seem frightening, rest assured that our Weslaco CPAs and virtual chief financial officers have what it takes to help get your company through the toughest of times.

If you’re worried about how the effects of inflation will impact the financial situation of your company, seek out the help of professional Weslaco CPAs and vCFOs. Contact the talented financial experts at Gonzalez & Arrambide today!


How Rio Grande Valley CFOs Can Assist in Strategic Business Planning

How Rio Grande Valley CFOs Can Assist in Strategic Business Planning

Have you ever wondered how massive corporations like Apple got to where they are today? Every company has to start somewhere – even the “big fish” started like every other small business. 

The answer lies in effective and well-thought-out strategic business planning.

Gonzalez & Arrambide, certified public accountants and virtual chief financial officers in Weslaco, are here to explain strategic planning and just how vCFOs can assist you in your business’ success.

What Is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is an analysis of where a company is versus where it wants to be in the future as well as the strategies that can be implemented to make growth possible. You have to be very methodical and considerate when you make these plans, which makes a skilled Chief Financial Officer (CFO) indispensable in the process. 

What Skills Do vCFOs Bring to the Table?

While CEOs are at the center of the planning, the CFO is a key player for a variety of reasons. Though it’s the job of the CEO to drive a business in the direction they desire, CFOs and Weslaco CPAs have invaluable skills that should be utilized to help get there.

CFOs are knowledgeable and valuable team members when it comes to:

  • company finances and budget
  • risk mitigation strategies
  • financial processes and other regulations

With these skills, a CFO is able to play a key role in any company’s strategic planning process.

How Can Chief Financial Officers in Weslaco Help with Strategic Planning?

Now that we’ve discussed strategic planning and the abilities of a vCFO, let’s discuss how they can help a business be the best it can be. Despite the many details involved with the actual plan, the process itself can be summarized in three steps:

  • Define the End Goal – Just as we mentioned earlier, the entire point of strategic planning is to take a company from point A to point B. It’s impossible to do this if you don’t accurately define what point B looks like.
  • Analyze and Take Into Account the Capabilities of the Business – A good CFO will make sure they understand the current financial circumstances of a company and what costs must be considered to make ventures feasible.
  • Make a Plan and Take Action – The CFO then combines what they’ve learned from steps 1 and 2 to make a thorough and useful guide on how to better the company through strategic planning.

Get the Right Financial Help With Gonzalez & Arrambide 

If you want to expand or update your business but don’t know where to begin, the highly-skilled and experienced certified public accountants and virtual chief financial officers at Gonzalez & Arrambide can help!

Now that you know how virtual chief financial officers in Weslaco can help with strategic planning, call the experts at Gonzalez & Arrambide to maximize the potential of YOUR business!


Why You Should Hire a VCFO in Weslaco for Your Company

Why You Should Hire a VCFO in Weslaco for Your Company

A vCFO, or Virtual Chief Financial Officer, performs the same duties as a full-time CFO. However, they do their work on a contractual, remote, and/or part-time basis. So, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I hire a vCFO instead of a standard, on-site Chief Financial Officer?”

The experts in tax procedure and bookkeeping at Gonzalez & Arrambide in Weslaco are vCFOs who want to help you understand exactly why you should obtain the services of one.

Fortify Your Financial Strategies With a vCFO’s Help

Undoubtedly, one of the leading benefits of hiring a vCFO to assist with your firm’s bookkeeping is that they have great decision-making skills. A large aspect of a vCFO’s duties is to deliver on strategic goals and financial outcomes that a company desires. 

Not only will you be able to reach greater heights as a company, but you will have a data-focused financial analyst who can effectively gauge your company’s potential. For example, vCFOs excel in financial risk management and cash flow forecasting, which means they can provide you with detailed reports of wise financial decisions to make in the future.

Save Your Business Time and Money

You may ask yourself, “Why not hire a full-time CFO instead of the virtual option?” 

A driving factor that makes the vCFO the more attractive option is money. Because they are full-time as opposed to contractual, CFOs require benefits, equity, and other aspects on top of a six-figure salary.

Additionally, you may have more work than you can handle but not enough to justify hiring a CFO. The freelance aspect of vCFOs allows you to both pay a lower amount and open up more of your schedule, ultimately saving you time and money.

Expertise That Grows Exponentially

Another fact that sets vCFOs apart from CFOs is the former’s deep knowledge of one or more niches, such as eCommerce or Digital Marketing. Whereas a standard CFO will mainly develop knowledge of just their own company, a vCFO works with various clients to gain a greater understanding of a variety of industries.

While your vCFO provides you peace of mind and handles your bookkeeping, they are simultaneously gathering expertise in other fields. This means that your potential plans for the future, whether they be expansion, acquisition, or even selling your business, will be seen through various lenses. 

In the end, your vCFO will have the knowledge and strategies necessary for you to make the best financial decisions.

Let vCFOs in Weslaco Help With Your Company’s Finances Today

The Weslaco virtual Chief Financial Officers at Gonzalez & Arrambide want you to understand the benefits of bringing a vCFO onboard. Let us not only save you time and money, but set you up for future opportunities not previously possible!

Now That You Know the Benefits of Hiring vCFOs in Weslaco, Call Gonzalez & Arrambide To Set Yourself up for Success!


What Is Positive and Negative Cash Flow and How Does It Affect a Business?

What Is Positive and Negative Cash Flow and How Does It Affect a Business?

As a business owner, it is crucial to understand cash flow and how it can affect your business and your profit. 

We implore you to work with a qualified virtual Chief Financial Officer (vCFO) who can help you determine what practical steps should be taken to reach your business goal. In the world of business finances, a cash flow report can make or break a business, and is one of the reasons your vCFO will be an indispensable part of your team.

Determining the Quality of Your Cash Flow

Cash flow can be either positive or negative. 

When your business account is receiving more cash than it is paying out, you will have a positive cash flow result. This usually means that your company is receiving more money in sales of products or services than it is spending on business expenses or anything else, which results in a good, positive cash flow. The remaining money after business expenses is your profit. 

However, if expenses for payroll, maintenance, rent, and other services are exceeding the flow of money being made, you will start losing money, resulting in negative cash flow.

How Does Your Cash Flow Affect Your Decision Making?

Positive cash flow is the foundation of a solid business. Positive cash flow can pay for expansions in operational capability and help you to recognize when targeted profit goals are within reach. 

However, negative cash flows can also be a necessary part of life for every business, especially during start-up and periods of rapid expansion. Cash flow reporting during these times will help you determine if your business finances will remain strong enough to last until the expected revenue increases finally appear and bring your cash flow back into the positive.

Your cash flow ultimately determines if you have the means to expand, maintain, or upgrade your business.

Planning for Future Growth

Cash Flow Report is an important tool for your vCFO’s; it can be used to determine which investments have the best chance of resulting in future revenue gains without putting the business at risk of bankruptcy.

Your virtual CFO will be an architect designing the profitable business you have always envisioned.

Hiring a vCFO Can Assist in Succeeding in Your Business Plan

The Virtual Chief Financial Officers at Gonzalez and Arrambide, Inc. in Weslaco can help you maintain a profitable cash flow for your business. We strongly suggest learning about cash flow and how it affects your business.