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H&R Block Affects Thousands

H&R Block Affects Thousands

Over six hundred thousand people who tried to claim educational credits on Form 8863 on H&R Block’s software were unable to, causing an additional six-week delay in their tax refunds. The company received thousands of complaints because the software did not allow tax filers to complete the mandatory information on the form.

Forms filed in February were the ones mainly affected because that is when the IRS changed the format of certain fields. H&R Block says it is working with IRS to rectify the situation and address the problems associated with the changes in the form to make it easier to answer questions that used to be “Yes” or “No” instead of the newly required “Y” or “N”. The IRS is still able to process the forms, but according to them, it will take longer because they must perform more steps to fix the problem.

This delay is sure to cause problems for cash-strapped taxpayers, students who need federal financial aid, and those wanting to pay off debt. Students are the most widely affected because they face deadlines for the following school year. The IRS states that students can update their information as necessary to complete their forms after they have been accepted.

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