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IRS to Tax Cheaters on Facebook: You Will Pay

IRS to Tax Cheaters on Facebook: You Will Pay

As the old adage goes, “You can run, but you can’t hide.” The IRS is out for money, monitoring the activities and posts of suspected tax cheaters on Facebook and Twitter accounts, called data mining. Recent reports have hinted of the IRS’s intent, though mention as to how deep they will mine for data is unknown. According to the IRS, solely accounts of persons whose tax forms have signaled a red alert will be monitored. Tax evasion is a serious matter, costing taxpayers and the government billions of dollars a year.

Go ahead and tremble tax delinquents, as this the IRS is not bluffing; history proves they are not. Officials, ranging from the FBI to city police officials, have conducted social media investigations in search for clues involving a suspect’s illegal activities (e.g. gang members, sexual predators). Recently, the NYPD, created a task force specializing in social media investigations. Successful investigations have resulted in the indictment of criminals.

The price to pay for tax evasion is dire: prison time, fines and maximum repayment of owed taxes. Do not waste your time trying to cheat the IRS; auditors and agents are on the lookout.

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